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About DataHunt

Ondy Ma (Product/Business) and Kenneth Lui (CTO) have known each other since they were young and they started a web development company in year 2000 when they were in college. Since then, both stick with the vision to build a great AI software company together. Kenneth became the Senior Architect of the largest digital payment gateway in China Octupus card before he joined DataHunt. Ondy became a product Guru who worked at Belkin, Philips and later founded Surfwheel, an electric skateboard company funded by few key super angel investors in Hong Kong.

In 2020, Ondy and Kenneth joined forces with Shady, an AI designer from Egypt, Chesca, a Digital Marketer from the Philippines, and with 10 committed and dedicated team members located in Shenzhen, with a mission to enable Makers' and Founders' products to easily sell and market their innovative products via eCommerce.


Maker Portal

Digital Marketing tools such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads are designed and made for digital agencies and marketers.

Maker's Portal is a central hub of PIM designed and made for Founders and Makers that automate eCommerce business for Fast-Track Growth.

We strive to make more Makers and Founders successful.

We realize that we can scale the business quickly by bringing in 3 partners in each country who are sourcing Makers, sourcing Sellers, and can handle Account Management. We also realize that we should enable Cryptocurrency as the way for investors to fund our Makers to grow on our DataHunt platform (mini-IPO for the Makers, pitching to the Cyrto community + commodity trade with all the key product metrics). This tool is called Maker Portal Exchange. We are looking for strategic growth investment and a growth team to make this happen together. See below our pitch deck.

Whatsapp: +852 68110068

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